Florida Extravaganza Vintage Toy Roadshow



Embassy Suites @ Austin-Auboretum

9505 Stonelake Blvd, Austin, TX 78759

Directions: 512.372.8871


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    Mark Leinberger
    General Manager
    FX Vintage Toy Roadshow


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Austin will soon be overtaken by toymania when the FX VINTAGE TOY ROADSHOW comes to town! These renowned toy experts will be in town from April 10th to the 13th to appraise and buy local residents' toys. Past shows have brought swarms of people with amazing collectible toys, and certainly Austin will be no exception!

Watch this short video featured on KDKA NEWS from a past show in PIttsburgh, PA.

The Toy Roadshow experts will be looking for every collectible toy imaginable from vintage antique dolls, cars and trucks to GI Joe action figures and vintage Barbie dolls; from Beatles memorabilia to Hot Wheels cars; from cast iron banks to Rock Em Sock Em Robots. "These shows have been unbelievably successful," says Mark Leinberger, General Manager of the Toy Roadshow. "This is a great opportunity for the folks in the Austin area to clean out their closets and attics and discover what toy treasures may be hiding there. The Roadshow won't be selling toys at this event but appraisals of toys are always free with no obligation, although residents often sell their toys when they find out just how much they're worth.

A mere cleaning of the house can maybe bring hundreds of dollars to someone with the right item!

Sorry, the Roadshow won’t be selling toys at this event.