Florida Extravaganza Vintage Toy Roadshow



But where can you sell them?

The FX Vintage Toy Roadshow is a group of experts who want to purchase your old toys. We invite you to dig through old boxes in your garage or clean out your basement, and bring in any toys you happen to find that may be of interest to a collector.

The FX Vintage Toy Roadshow is looking for your antique and collectible toys & will pay a fair market price for them!

Most TV roadshows only appraise antiques and collectibles -- they do not offer to purchase them. However, because we have instant access to 20,000 + dealers and collectors, we can offer you the best price for your old toy on the spot!  If a collector wants what you have, chances are you can get a pretty penny for your old toys. 

A mere house cleaning can bring hundreds of dollars to someone with the right item!

Admission to any FX Vintage Toy Roadshow is always FREE.  So find those old toys that have been in your closet or attic since you were a kid then come to the show ready to be amazed! 

Other options...

If you can’t make a show please contact us with your list of toys.